Say No to Plastic!

A guest post by Swan Instructor Katie!

Plastic is a material we could use less of! What better way then to cut down our use of plastic water bottles and plastic bags! Over a lifetime, the use of reusable bags by just one person would save 22,000 plastic bags (at least!). How crazy is that? And did you know that only 25% of plastic water bottles are recycled each year, meaning that 75% are thrown in to landfills or the ocean. What an insane statistic considering there are such simple solutions. Buy your own resusable water bottle and fill up with tap water. The EPA's standards for tap water are more stringent then the FDA's standards for bottled water, plus NYC has some of the best tap water around. Reusable bags are also so easy to incorporate into daily life- many fold up conveniently so you can just throw them right in your purse or backpack when leaving the apartment or house.

Here are a few sites/local stores that sell bags, water bottles, and other reusable containers, although you can find them pretty much at any grocery store. We only have one earth and if we each become more aware of how our actions impact the environment, together we can make a huge difference! 

A Cook's Companion (Located on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn)