Reading Recommendations -- Celebrating nature in novels

There is something in the air in early fall, a sense that anything is possible and life should be lived a bit more deeply for a while. I think it might the impending cold weather. Or maybe it is the relief from the hot hot heat of summer. It could also be that after years of living on a public school schedule, my subconscious gets geared up for projects and deadlines this time of year. Whatever it is, exploring in the fall is one of my most favorite things. Nature is fascinating all year around, but I think about it most in fall and want to be out in it most in fall.

These books are all excellent "put on a sweater, grab a coffee, and go sit in the park" reads. Nature is a central theme of all of these titles, but each one explores and presents it in different ways. Enjoy these warm/cool days and take some time for yourself!