There are some current approaches and research coming out about stretching that have us contemplating order, sequencing, why we stretch, how we stretch, when we stretch, and what's actually stretching. Some of this information is new and some of it has been around for a long time but doesn't seem to make it to the forefront of the conversation quick enough. 

Here are a few good reads to help you inform your practice!

You think you are stretching your muscles but perhaps you are stretching your mind. Check out this breaking muscle post from Brooke Thomas of The Liberated Body

Staying with Brooke for a moment, she interviews Jules Mitchell here (check the show notes or listen to the whole podcast).

Just in case you don't believe it until it's written in the Times :) - Here is a recent Times article discussing two studies about static stretching.

Sometimes the sensation to need to stretch is leading you in the wrong direction. That longing to make length might mean you have a firing pattern that needs addressing or some group of muscles is already being stretched too much. Here is a clearly articulated example from Dr. Kathy Dooley of Dooley Noted

Are tight muscles short muscles? This article by Yoga Dork breaks down misconceptions in strengthening vs stretching. Follow up the first read with another Yoga Dork post, Stretching Is In Your Brain.

This subject goes on and on and we love to share! Check out the #stretching tag for all related posts.