Adventure Time - Classes in NYC!

We love adventures -- experiencing new things, re-experiencing old haunts, traveling and exploring! Our exploration focus is often outside of the city, as we day dream about vacations and getting away from the hustle and bustle of regular life. Sometimes it is refreshing and exciting to remember that the place we chose to call home has so so much to offer in terms of exploration. And we are not just talking geographical exploration. We are also talking about physical exploration and mental exploration and any other kind of exploration you can think of! Living in NYC full time can make you immune to much of the allure and excitement that brings millions of people here every year. During these last hot weeks of summer and into the glorious fall, we encourage you to explore in all the ways you can and take advantage of this crazy, hectic, beautiful place by indulging in a class or two or ten. Here are a few that we can't wait to make time for and some great options for your own #adventuretime hunting!

Discover more spectacular class options through these organizations!

92nd Street Y
Over 4,000 classes and seminars are offered every year at this NYC institution! We especially recommend their wine seminars!

Brooklyn Brainery
Offering a rotating roster of eccentric classes, Brooklyn Brainery crowd sources their topics to bring you classes you cannot find anywhere else!  


Course Horse
This website is a wealth of information on class offerings in all five boroughs. They have done the hard work of collecting and sorting thousands of class options  for your browsing pleasure!

And don't forget to take a peek at the event calendar for one of our favorite Fort Green stores Jill Lindsey. There are always some fun things happening there!