We don't recognize recovery enough. We are always talking about how to get cardio or weight lifting in with our clients or helping them manage their athletic schedule with cross training and work, but recovery we've neglected. Honestly, recovery days don't get touched on in New York fitness conversations enough period. This city loves to nose the grindstone in its fitness just as much as in its work.

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There is no magic number of rest days. Just like exercise rest is unique to the individual and the activity. 

Psychological stress is also a factor in recovery from the physical stress of exercise or sports. Remember to take the whole picture of your life into consideration to find balance and health. Your programming will need to flux and change as your life inevitably will. 

Edwin Moses an Olympic 400 meter hurdler has some well known, interesting, and inspirational approaches to fine-tuning your performance, with recovery and down time playing a key role in his success. How does the athlete that most inspires you utilize rest and recovery?