Hair Party at your house! With Whitney Scott

Whitney is a long time Swan with a healthy practice both in and out of the studio. You've witnessed her work in hair color on the noggins of both Julia and Eleanor, among other Swans. She is a master with wild colors and has sent Eleanor through the rainbow (remember ?!). While being fantastic at crazy colors, she is super talented at sexy, natural color that is easy to upkeep and is very personalized (think Julia's beautiful surfy locks). We relate to how she approaches her clients. When you see Whitney for color she listens, ---really listens--- and then makes you look and feel amazing! Plus, Whitney has the most fun, chill vibe. We think you will love her :).

Lucky Swans, Whitney is making herself available to you house-call style. Got a few friends who need their color done? Have a hair party! Gather, relax and be comfortable in your own space. 

Have questions? Just ask Whitney ( We asked her a few Q and As of our own! Read on below!

First a snippet about Whitney's hair back ground:
Whitney's passion is creating beautiful, maintainable color, connecting with people, and cultivating a healthy self image for everyone she works with. 

Her specialty is balayage, and natural looking color. Her background includes working at salons (formerly ION Studio, Woodley&Bunny, Suite Caroline, and currently Cutler), editorial work, and office and house calls for clients.

What are your three favorite things about coloring hair?
It can change the way people feel about themselves. its a craft that has been around for a very long time, and is still evolving. Its fun and mobile, so I can go anywhere and do it.

How has practicing Pilates changed your relationship to movement and your body?
Oh man, its been a tremendous help with paying attention to my alignment. I have been able to recover from minor injuries much quicker because of this, and have more confidence to train harder.

What's your favorite moment of the day?
Relaxing at the end of it!

One key to staying positive?
Stay active in challenging yourself everyday. I think rising to a challenge, no matter how big or small, and meeting that, raises confidence in what you can do if you choose to accept it.

Top three reads?
Usually something funny, something mindless, and articles.

Many people pamper themselves by getting their hair done. How do you pamper yourself?
Fitness classes are my biggest treat. That, and good food!

Is there anything else you want to share with the Swan community?
I'll be taking health coaching clients starting in October. 


Ready to book? Contact her at! Tell her a Swan sent you. ;)