There have been some great reads, podcasts and contemplation about the culture of overwork recently. We all feel it in our lives and we see the physical affects of overwork in the studio all the time.  Here are few standouts for your reading pleasure. 

NY Times Article by Claire Cain Miller addressing 24/7 work expectations intersections with families and equality across genders. 

Josh Kruda Podcast - How to Get Things Done Without Being Busy

Yoga Dork post by J Brown discussing how hard it is to unplug and feeling stuck not able to do so. 

NY Times  recent article about Amazon by Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld addresses how over work is a culture and sometimes it's very hard to leave. 

NY Times Opinion piece by Arthor Brooks that touches on the more is better mentality as it relates to promotions. 

NY Times Op-ED piece by Adam Grant discussing the decline of friendships in the work place and it's affect on the workplace.