We Swans are constantly contemplating things. It is in our natures to be curious and excited about the body and the things that affect the body. A little while ago we began to share these thoughts on our Twitter. In case you missed them, here is a collection of some from recent months. Follow us on Twitter and share your #swanthoughts with us!

maybe it's not what you did on vacay but that you relaxed with a different internal space on vacay that changed your alignment

your shoulder blades have the ability to move like ears

to the femur and the humerus: this body built you a beautiful dome home. it's called a socket. get in it

what do you do when your QL has designs on running the world?

medial glide for everyone!

what's the depth of your hip socket ?

when I strip away all the external layers of muscle, and thought, to the breath alone- there is a felt sense of being a creature

is my subclavius sabotaging me?

we understand erosion in relationship to everything except our body which we expect to be infinite, constant & unbreakable

muscles with tyrannical tendencies: QL, TFL, Psoas

before smart technology & portable music people might have sung while walking

if seating in #nyc was good for your body would we have less clients?

we are meant to eat food not products

those pesky hip flexors. get into everything

it's crazy to stand on your feet all day and never truly be anchored into them

why do articles helping you cut sugar from your diet sport huge pictures of donuts or cake? questionable and unsupportive