Gluteus Minimus

Gluteus Minimus is the smallest and deepest of your glutes. If we work our way superficial to deep you have Gluteus Maxiumus, Gluteus Medius and now Gluteus Minimus. 

Where is it?

Glute min originates on the posterior ilium  and inserts on the anterior (towards the front of the body) portion of your greater trochanter. 

Image from wiki images. 

Image from wiki images. 

What does it do?

Glute min is an assister. Minimus helps medius abduct the leg (move it away from the mid-line of the body), and when the hip is extended min helps internally rotate it too! Minimus also aids in flexion of the hip joint.

Stay tuned for some excellent exercises to help you identify and utilize all those #gloriousglutes muscles!