Expanded glute #moveit

Hi Swans! Here is a series that puts together more full body movements to get your #gloriousglutes going. If you have missed this series, look back to brush up on your gluteal anatomy, check out some #articlesofinterest and read a thing or two Travis had to say. We also suggest thinking about your #hammies and #gloriousglutes at the same time, feeling how they work together to fire up the back chain of your legs!

bridging with pulses - Remember the bridge party from the hamstring series? We can kick the bridge up a notch. Pulse it! Think of staying long through your back (as it often likes to over-work) and stay VERY even through your hips. While pulsing can you open more space in the front of your hips? Even more challenge? Try marching side to side (floating one leg to table top and then the other). Stand on one leg and take tiny pulses on one leg! Switch sides. 

swimming legs with circles- Set yourself up like you did for swimming in the hamstring series. After swimming side to side a few times, hold your right leg up and externally rotate the leg. Maintaining this rotation, make small circles of your whole LONG leg in one direction, then the other direction. Repeat on both sides. Think of moving from the very top of your hamstrings and bottom of your Glutes!

squats - Standing with your feet about shoulder width and in comfortable rotation, bend your knees, sending your hips behind you. Your back stays long and you may either reach your arms forward or hold them behind your head. Stand up and make sure to bring your hips right above your feet. Always make sure your knees align over the centers of your feet, use your core to support your spine and BREATHE!

split stance squats - Stand with one leg forward and the other leg back, back heel against the wall. Be as square and upright through your torso as you can. Bend both knees and focus on creasing in your front hip. To stand up, put your attention on the glutes of your front leg to power the movement. Both legs will be working but try to focus more on the front leg. Repeat on both sides. Practice stellar support through your torso and alignment of your legs. 

step ups/going up front - Place one foot on a step, the curb, or a box of an appropriate height. Stand all of the way up on this leg and take a moment to feel balanced and engaged through your standing leg. Step back. Repeat on this side 6-10 times and then switch sides.