Jump. Stretch. Roll- what does that mean?

Does the class title Jump Stretch Roll intrigue you? Don't quite know what will happen in class? We don't want to leave you hanging - let us break it down. 

1. We roll out our muscles and fascia using foam rollers, pinky balls and small balls to make space in our bodies.

2. After a deep workout for core support and stability, we work on jumping on the reformer. Each reformer is fitted with a jump board that looks like the photo above. We do a thorough jumping warm up and then focus on proper alignment and mechanics of jumping (AKA plyometrics!). Working on the reformer allows us to really hone in on jumping form, and function, which can help you dance harder, run more effectively and be stronger for the other activities you may do that require you to jump! Lying down relieves pressure from gravity - you can add as much or little resistance from the equipment as you need.

What else do you need to jump? A really strong, connected core. Don't have one yet? We will work on building that too. 

3. Not done yet! - we end with a deep stretch to lengthen and maintain space after asking so much from our entire bodies during this hour-long workout. The hour couldn't be more well rounded. 

Ready to try? 

It's on hump day. Get your mid-week self to The Swan Brooklyn on Wednesdays at 630pm. Spots are limited. We suggest signing up in advance! Sign up here.