Links, articles and investigations - #hammies

Nerd alert! We 100% geek out on reading articles about muscles, firing patterns, fascia and anything that affects your practice all the time. We even have a running online Swan library for it. Check out these interesting reads that relate to hamstrings and check out the whole #hammies series. Get invested in understanding your body and your practice not to become a Pilates nerd, but to truly dig deep in changing, educating and evolving the way you move!

This article from Katy Says speaks to how using indoor cardio equipment affects your natural gait patterns. Remembering what you learned from Shorty's Healthy Hammies post about hip extension there's a lot to think about here. 

Since we are still pretty preoccupied with stretching our hamstrings- check out this good read from YogaDork that asks what the value of flexibility is with out the strength to support it. It's the second part of a two part series! If you dig it read the first section too! And just to really hammer that point home here's another post from Jules Mitchell about stretching -specifically your hamstrings. I can't think of another muscle we are more blindly obsessed with being "long"

Anatomy Trains includes your hammies in the Superficial Back Line. Here's a quick video from Brian Abelson about that line.

Hamstrings and balanced strength between your hammies and your quadriceps are super important for sports of all kinds. This post from The Science of Soccer talks about the roll of hamstring strength and fatigue in ACL load. This applies to any activity where cutting or switching directions quickly is required. 

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