Swiss Chard Rolls

What's for lunch?! We have had our eat-clean, eat-healthy bug kicked back into gear at the same time as we needed a new go to for lunches. This week Swiss Chard Rolls have us satisfied, healthy and gluten free. Plus Chard is beautiful! 

When you are picking your chard, try to find the biggest leaves possible. Rinse before you set up to roll. If you have a smaller leaf and the center steam seems flexible you can use the whole leaf. Ideally if you find HUGE, gorgeous rainbow chard you can use half of a leaf per roll. Tear the larger leafs in two vertically working your way down either side of the stem. No matter what, put your fillings on the back of the leaf so it naturally curls around them.

This week we layered in a bit of tahini, cubed tofu and sliced avocado. Last week we used left over burrito fillings from a dinner party to stuff our swiss. Possibilities are endless. Make sure you don't over stuff as the leaves will tear if they are too plump when you roll. Snuggle your rolls in a tupperware and eat them with some turmeric tea and fruit. 

Now tell us what your favorite filling is!