Kathryn Meany - Swan Instructor

#BKSwan instructor Kathryn Meany stumbled onto Pilates in 2000 and never looked back. She has a deep and personal love for mat class.

Considering pre or post natal Pilates? Kathryn is your gal! This has become a corner stone of her teaching over the past few years as many of her clients, and Kathryn herself, have continued their practice during and after pregnancy!  See what she has to say about family dining in NYC, her Swan studio love and her focus as a teacher. You can also read her bio and sign up for a class!

Can you tell us a bit about your philosophy of teaching, what interests you about the body, and any influences that have shaped your practice and your teaching?

My teaching style has certainly evolved over my 12 years of instructing, but some things have always stayed with me. Classic choreography has never been more important than the movement needs of each client. The mobility and stability goals I set are based on the individual versus the standards set by traditional Pilates exercises. This often leads to progressive variations that have been key to helping students advance.

What is one of your favorite places to explore?

I love to explore on day trips outside of the city like the Planting Fields in Long Island.

What is your favorite restaurant in NYC right now?

If you asked me this 19 months ago before I became a mom I would probably say Peasant for its delicious ricotta and romantic setting but I haven't been in NoHo in years! These days Graziellas in Ft. Greene is a family favorite for us. They are so kid friendly and make great red sauce and other Italian standards. The staff is so lovely and patient and they always understand if you have to get your main course to go because someone is having an unexpected melt down (not me). Oh and I have to also mention this amazing place on Staten Island, Inoteca Maria. The kitchen is run by 5 different Italian Grandma's so the menu rotates depending on which nonna is cooking. Delicious and fun destination!

What are some of the best kids books you have discovered since you had your son?

That's a great question. Right now Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus cracks me up but Nevin needs a year or so more before he gets it. (Side note: reading some classics I grew up with have been eye opening. Good Night Moon is actually super creepy to me now.)

Spring or Fall?

This year I would have to say SPRING!!

Anything else you want to share with The Swan community?

I really love the studio space at Swan BK. Of all the places I have had the pleasure of working, it is certainly best looking but most importantly has a wonderful vibe and a highly tuned in and creative staff. I feel very lucky to be part of it.