We Are the Swan - Laura

Profession: Yoga instructor/movement educator for ages 0-adult, dancer

What is your favorite piece of equipment and why? What about props?

The reformer with the jump board. I love the way it helps me work on my connection from my feet through my head, but in a different relationship to gravity. Also you can just do so many things on it! Like swan on the box, and leg circles with your feet in the springs, and...

Right now, I love the overball -- also because you can use it for so many things -- and it's totally portable! I carry it with me when I travel, or when I'm teaching, and I can use it to find space in my thoracic, release my psoas, challenge my stability in things like knee folds, or squeeze between my knees or feet. I think you could do a whole class using just this one prop!

Where do you go in the city to feel like you aren't in the city?

In the summer, Ft. Tilden.  

In spring and fall, the middle of Prospect Park, on the dirt trails through the woods - I love getting lost in there.

What's your favorite muscle or bone and why?

The psoas. It's so intense and important but so deeply buried. Also someone told me once that the reason we can walk upright is because our psoas lengthened at some point in our evolutionary history. Four-legged creatures have shorter psoas muscles b/c their legs come off the front of their pelvises. And...I think tenderloin meat is the psoas of the animal. Crazy.

Spring or fall?