link love to good reads on Glutes!

Here are some good reads and links on Glutes!

Check out this read from the Vertical Workshop to help you reconsider the ever popular, not so functional, butt squeeze. Here's another one about booty clenching (and much more) from Breaking Muscle. 

Dive into this interview with Katy Bowman on Mama Sweat discussing the role glutes play in pelvic floor function. 

Here's a video from Dooley Noted (at Brooklyn Bridge Park!) for your lateral hip activation. Fall fully in and explore the links she suggests as well!

This post from The Gait Guys discusses crossover gait in distance runners vs sprinters and how that relates to balance between your quads and your glutes. ( To nerd out full force, be sure to check out the link to their you tube channel. They are great to follow on Facebook BTW). 

Use all of these articles as food for thought, not diagnosis or being your own internet doctor. It's great to get a broad perspective on the many things our bodies do to keep our wonderment and investigation of our own unique structures alive!