Musical TBT -- Super Special Seasonal Double!

It is a time of seasonal transition, ringing in spring as we say goodbye to winter. Sometimes transitions can be rough, full of doubt about the future and feelings of nostalgia for the past. Luckily, this is not one of those transitions. The past few days of sunshine and warmth have put some much needed pep in our step. In celebration of this hopeful time of year, here are two excellent songs for your listening pleasure. One song is for saying goodbye and the other song is for saying hello. Happy Thursday! Happy Spring!

This song by the Counting Crows because if Adam Duritz could have made "It's been a long winter" sound as good as the actual lyric, that is what he would be singing. Also, have you ever actually watched this video? It is 90's gold!

This song because spring is just a good time for some MJ. After being cooped up all winter lyrics like "get me out into the night-time, four walls won't hold me tonight" just ring so true!