Crepe Cake!

Some really good friends of The Swan are having a baby ANY DAY NOW. So for their baby shower a couple weeks ago, I embarked on a very involved adventure in crepe cake making. It was a three day long process involving two dozen eggs, pounds of butter and more milk than I have seen ever go into a bowl. I based the recipe on this one.

I made dulce de leche pastry cream the first night. Have you ever done that? EEK. You basically make a really fancy vanilla not-quite-scrambled eggs concoction with cornstarch and then painstakingly put it through a very fine sieve.  

The second night was relatively easy. I browned some butter and made crepe batter.

Day three I woke up sweating at 7am (on a Saturday) because I needed to make 40 crepes, cool them, layer them and assemble the whole shebang. I was a nervous wreck and may-or-may-not have yelled at my husband a few times. I brûléed the top and dusted the cakes with shimmering pink dust I found at NY Cake.

Results: AMAZING