Swan props

If you have been to the Swan, chances are you have worked we props! We love them! Props help us understand where are bodies are in space and facilitate movement that might otherwise be elusive. They can also make exercises more challenging, provide variation or create space and release in your body. Here's a list of props now available at The Swan to beef up your at-home or travel practice. Try out these quick #moveit's to jump start your practice with props and come in to the studio for more ways to use these amazing tools!


Foam rollers - $25 + tax

We have full length high density Foam Rollers. These can be hard to travel with but make great at home props. 

#moveit Make some space in your chest. Lie down on the roller length wise with your head and tail supported. Keep your knees bent and  feet on the floor lined up with your hips. Notice which parts of your spine are touching the roller and which are not. Take your arms to cactus position- your elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle and out to the side in line with your shoulders. Let your arms and ribs get heavy and breath. 






Pinky Balls- $4 + tax

These balls make a great tool for opening up your feet, hips and mid back.  

#moveit Looking for some foot release? Try placing the pinky ball underneath what we sometimes refer to as your heel pocket. This is the nook on the bottom of your foot just at the back edge of your arch and the front of your heel. Allow your foot to drape over the ball in both directions. You are in charge of how much pressure to apply. 



 Colors will vary. 

Colors will vary. 





Over Balls- $10 + tax

Over balls might your best travel buddy. They inflate and deflate with ease taking up no space in your bag or suitcase (or NYC apartment) and they provide endless variations! 

#moveit Chest curls. Halfway inflate your ball. Place it behind your back between the bottom tips of your shoulder blades. Your legs can be bent with feet on the floor or straight and together. Hands go around the back of your head. Tip your nose down to lengthen your neck and then curl your bottom ribs toward the center of the ball coming up into your chest curl. Keep long support in your abdominals and watch for over tucking or arching your low back. Do 12!

 We carry the 6" posture ball. Need something a little bigger - it comes in 8" too, but is not currently in Swan stock.

We carry the 6" posture ball. Need something a little bigger - it comes in 8" too, but is not currently in Swan stock.







The Cantaloupe AKA The Posture Ball $20 + tax

Oh how we love the cantaloupe! There's just nothing else like it. 

#moveit Roll your gluts! Have a seat on this ball with just your right gluts. Roll from top to bottom- so from sitz bone to pelvic crest. Find something gnarly? Pause and breath. Try rolling from side to side a little. Avoid rolling over your hip joint on the outside. Come in for more ways to make space with this amazing tool!








Currently props are only for sale in the studio. Please contact us for more information or with questions.