Holiday Cheer: music that won't make you scream

It is a season of joy and good cheer. It is also a season of music that makes some people want to wear ear plugs at all times. If you love all holiday music, I envy you. If you are more like myself and want to run screaming from every department store you walk into this season, listen to these instead! Getting in the holiday spirit does not come naturally to us all. Maybe these songs will help!

"Baby It's Cold Outside": There are a zillion versions of this song. I am a big fan of this one right now!

"Let it Snow": You almost forget how this song sounds in its "normal" version when you listen to this gem!

"New Year": Start your January 1 off with this!

"River": This song is really all I want to listen to right now (albeit a not so festive song).

"Joy to the World": Search Sufjan Steven's Christmas on youtube and you will find some magic (and a few creepy renditions of classics). This one is lovely!

"What Are you Doing New Year's Eve": No one evokes the feelings quite like this women.

"Hard Candy Christmas": some might argue that this is not the type of song to "get in the spirit" with. I think it is magic!

"All I Want For Christmas is You": The only way this song could make it on this list is with classroom instruments!