Reading Recommendations- Anatomy DORKS

We try to keep your bookshelves lively in our reading recommendations with a wide span of categories to tickle parts of your brain that help you imagine, escape or emote. This round however we are unleashing our love of anatomy reads. There are so so many great books on this subject but here are a few of our favorites!

Image from Albinus on Anatomy

Image from Albinus on Anatomy

Albinus on Anatomy: If you have stretched at the ladder barrel and discussed the deep front line while doing so, you too already love this book. 

Anatomy of Movement: This book gives excellent movement and imagery that help you understand the anatomy from a more somatic perspective.

Netter's: This is a serious amatomy book for great, detailed anatomical drawings.

Anatomy Trains: You may have been hearing a lot about fascia in the last few years. This book breaks down anatomy from the lens of how the fascia interacts with the body. This is a different understanding than your average muscle and bone understanding.

Anatomy Coloring Book: For the visual learners out there, this is a really great workbook that is only a slight step away from a color by number.