Getting Crafty for the Holidays!



No turning back now people...the holidays are upon us, starting with Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. I love cooking and eating with people. I also love the long weekend it creates, and specifically the day after Thanksgiving when my only priority is to eat what wasn't eaten the day before. What a perfect time to casually try some crafting with the vague intention of decorating your house or creating homemade things to give as gifts. I say casually and vague because putting pressure on yourself to become the embodiment of all things pinterest is pretty self defeating. So check out some of these fun crafting ideas and give them a shot. No one has to know if they don't work out! Make the most of your holiday weekend and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Pre-Thanksgiving decoration ideas!

Hosting Thanksgiving at your house and want to decorate with something more than food? Try one of these simple ideas!

3 step centerpeice

Oh so easy napkin rings

How about these after dinner "treats"

Pumpkins aren't just for Halloween. You can do almost anything with them!

Don't want to keep all those leftovers in your house?


Post-Thanksgiving projects!

Really feeling the holiday spirit after Thanksgiving? Channel it into some of these projects!

These 7 ideas should get you started!

How about some coasters or jewelry dishes?!

Edible gifts are always a hit!

Got some kids on your present list and not interested in adding to their Frozen memorabilia collections?

pumpkin diorama.jpg