A Swan Q&A with Brooklyn Essentials: Part 2



The ladies of Brooklyn Essentials had so much wonderful information to share about essential oils that we had to spread all that knowledge out on the blog. Here is the follow up to our original #SwanQ&A. Didn't see the first one? Take a peek here!



During Essential Oils 101 you mentioned Frankincense was the king of oils? Can you say more about what you mean and give us some examples of how it is used?

Anna: Yes! Frankincense is really an extraordinary oil and provides amazing benefits to our bodies. It is nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory among a million other things! This blog post has lots of info about "one of the most precious essential oils"!

Frankincense can be used aromatically, topically, and internally. Here are some ways I personally use this oil:

Take one drop internally daily under the tongue for overall health and immune support.

Add one drop to my moisturizer day and night for extra anti-aging support.

Layer with lavender and peppermint oils on my neck and forehead for tension headaches.

Apply immediately and repeatedly to any cut, scrape, burn, or bruise for quick skin restoration.

Use in a “perfume” blend with doTERRA’s Citrus Bliss and Balance blends. The beautiful scent is also providing me with grounding, mood uplifting, and relaxing therapeutic properties.

I don’t go anywhere without my friend Frank!

Becca: Frank is just the best.  I always keep some on me incase anything happens.  It helps build a healthy immune system, promotes cellular health and can even repair damaged skin.  It's also anti-inflammatory, can help with mood swings, and can overall help your body to function better.  The oils adage is, "When in doubt, use frankincense!"

What are all the types of classes Brooklyn Essentials offers?

We are always expanding the classes that we offer. One of the coolest things about the essential oil community is that we are all learning and exploring together, and the learning never ends! We love to tailor a class to what the host and community are most interested in. The classes we currently offer are:

Essential Oils 101: What are EO’s? Where do they come from? What makes them safe and pure? How can they be used?

Beyond the basics: Essential oils with babies and kids

A Gentlemen’s guide to essential oils

Gym Bag Makeover Class: Essential oils for an active lifestyle

Beyond the basics: Pre-natal care with essential oils and supplements

Natural Cleaning Solutions with essential oils: a make & take class

Pregnancy, Birth, & Babies: an intro class on essential oils

Beyond the Basics: Mood & Sleep Management with essential oils

Natural beauty with essential oils: a make & take class

What are the oils that you would suggest a first time user (who is a bit trepidations about spending money on a more comprehensive set) should purchase? Can you list one primary "everyday" use for each of these oils?

Yes, of course! A great little starter kit is LEMON, LAVENDER, AND PEPPERMINT. There are actually hundreds of uses for these but I will share just a few:

LEMON: drink in your water throughout the day, 1 drop to 4 oz. of water.  It helps cleanse and detoxify the body, provides powerful anti-oxidant support, aids in digestion, and wards against free radicals.

LAVENDER: Rub a few drops on the bottom of your feet before bedtime to help relax and prepare your mind and body for a restful sleep.

PEPPERMINT: Rub 1-2 drops in your hand and cup and inhale over your nose (avoiding the eyes) for an energizing boost and to open up your airways.

Interested in a list of 101 uses of this little trio? Read here!

What are some of your favorite resources for essential oil information?

dōTERRA offers some amazing resources about there essential oils (and essential oils in general)! Check out all of their official pages for some great information!

Product Tips Blog: An excellent place to learn about product promotions, product features or product success stories.

Facebook Page: The best place to connect with dōTERRA on Facebook, get product information, and to connect with dōTERRA product fans, friends and more.

Tools Site: An “all-in-one” site with downloadable Product Information Pages, Imagery, Product Presentations and more.

doterraeveryday.com Site: A site that hosts dōTERRA IPC training, event listings, news and information.

YouTube Channel: When dōTERRA creates a new “official” video, this is often the first place it is made available to dōTERRA IPCs.

Pinterest Page: See how dōTERRA is being shared on Pinterest--get ideas on how to share dōTERRA, products, product uses and more!

Aromatic Science: You can read the latest research on essential oils and educate yourself through the learning modules!

Is there one other piece of information you would really love to share with our Swan community?

Becca: Oils can be used for just about everything.  From cleaning to disinfectant, to bug spray to bee stings to pregnancy and labor!  It's amazing how we can use all natural products and they help us more than anything else would, plus there are no side effects!

Anna: Yes! Brooklyn Essentials would love to know you! We look forward to connecting more with the Swan community. Cheers!

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