Shorty Swan: The Spine

Hi there! Today I want to break down the different parts of the spine.

When speaking anatomically, the spine is seperated into a couple different regions. The vertebrae are counted from the top down. Your cervical spine (C1-C7) holds your skull at the top and continues down to become your neck. Next comes your thoracic spine (T1-12). Each thoracic vertebrae connects with a rib on either side at the transverse processes of the vertebrae (the little arms that stick out to the side). Next comes your lumbar spine (L1-L5). These vertebrae are larger and they make up your lower back. They connect to your sacrum, which is 5 fused vertebrae that lie in between your two pelvic halves and look kind of like a cupped hand or curved triangle. Your coccyx, or tailbone, is at the bottom.

Stay tuned for more info on individual vertebra and some #moveit posts to get your spine going!