We are the swan - Katie

Name: Katie

Profession: I own a graphic design studio in Dumbo, The Office of Katie Osborn, Inc. We focus on wayfinding strategies such as signs, maps, apps and other tools that help people find their way around public spaces like parks, hospitals, and schools. 

How has Pilates affected your life outside the studio?

It's kind of hard to explain, but I feel balanced and tall and and strong in the most subtle way. I feel better in my body!

What is your favorite Pilates exercise to do while traveling or at home?

I like the bent knee lifts for my core and the serratus push ups to keep my shoulders loose. 

What are you listening to lately?

I've been obsessed with Cloud Cult for years... If you don't know them, ask Julia, she's a fan too. 

What is your favorite place to travel to?

Locally, I love Fire Island in the summer, but I'm dreaming of a trip to Argentina in the near future