#necksupport: Release and Make Space.

Use these stretches to make some space in your neck and shoulders. Take your time, be gentle and breath. Not sure what your scalenes and legator scaps are? Click the links to learn more with our #necksupport series!




scalene stretch

Find a comfortable seat or standing position in neutral spine with your feet and legs supported. Take your right hand and place it underneath your left collar bone, in line with your collar bone. Apply gentle pressure in towards your rib cage and down towards your hips using the entire length of your hand- no pokey fingers. You can stack your free hand on top for extra support if you like. Keeping your head over the center of your rib cage, side bend it away from your hands and left collar bone. Try not to jut your chin forward. Stay here for three breaths. Then gently rotate the broad edge of your left cheek and jaw towards the ceiling. Stay for three breaths. Release and repeat on the other side. 








levator scap stretch

Place one hand above your head with your elbow slightly bent. Tilt your head away from the arm that is up and rotate it to look down towards the ground. Breathe and try to allow your shoulder to release down your back. Repeat on both sides.








pec stretch

Face the wall and extend your arm straight out to the side.  Place your hand on the wall. Rotate your body away from your hand without rotating the head of your shoulder forward towards the wall or down towards the floor. Turn your head away. Try this with your arm a little bit higher than shoulder level. Repeat on both sides. 

If you want a dynamic pec stretch, try this one!









Swimmers stretch

Sit or stand comfortably in your neutral spine. Bring your right arm up in front of your chest with your elbow bent to 90 degrees. Wrap your left elbow under your right and try to place your left fingers in your right palm. Your forearms will be intertwined and your palms facing each other. If the second step is unavailable, you can hold a strap between your hands or press the backs of your forearms and palms together. Keeping this arm posture, drop your shoulders down your back and lift your elbows. If you don't feel a stretch, move your hands away from your face without lifting your shoulders. Deepen your breath and direct it between your shoulder blades. (Optional: take a head roll in each direction) Stay here for a few deep, slow rounds of breath and repeat on the other side. 

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