levator scapulae

Oh Levator Scapulae, how I love to hate you.


The Levator(elevate) Scapulae(shoulder blade) runs from the top inner corner of the shoulder blade up to your first four vertebrae in your cervical spine (neck). The levator scap is underneath both the Trapezius and SCM. (click here or here if you don't know what those are)

 This image is from  Wikipedia 

This image is from Wikipedia 

The Levator does a couple of actions. It works to elevate the inner corner of the scapulae, which in turn downwardly rates the scapulae (does that make your brain hurt?). Basically, it pulls that inner corner up towards the neck and makes your shoulder socket spin down towards the floor. If the shoulder blade is fixed, the Levators can work to either bend the spine to one side or another, compress the spine on one side or the other, OR compress both sides which could contribute to forward head (and lots of neck aches).

Lucky for you, we will be posting a #moveit post next week to teach you some ways to help release your Levator Scapulae. Stay tuned!