Thoughts on Pre-natal Pilates with Ly -- design guru extraordinaire

If you have ever admired our amazing logo, business cards and other branded materials, you have been admiring Ly Ngo. She also happens to love Pilates! In recent months her Pilates experience has expanded to include pre-natal practice. See what she has to say about Pilates during pregnancy and the coming of little Ly! 

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Photo taken by the lovely Sunny Shokrae

Photo taken by the lovely Sunny Shokrae

How long have you been practicing Pilates?

Just about 2 years now

How has your practice changed since you have been pregnant?

A lot of focus has been around making my body feel normal. There's so much shifting and pulling and stretching that happens during pregnancy. Pilates has really helped balance me out and make me feel less achey and in pain, and more aligned and centered.

What are some of the biggest benefits you have found to prenatal Pilates?

A lot more range of movement and less pain or achey-ness. I feel so much less tense the next day and my hips and core hurt less.

How does Pilates affect your life outside the studio?

There's a lot of little movements I learn in Pilates that I use in my outside life, even my breathing has changed since I've been going.

What Pilates exercises have you found easier and/or more difficult since becoming pregnant?

Legwork is harder, just because of the sheer weight of the baby and the shifting of my hips and pelvis. I find I have weird pains I didn't even know were there when we do legwork.

What's one thing you wish someone had told you about being pregnant?

I wish someone would've told me how much your pelvis and hips shift, it's not so much painful as it is a sort of nagging sensation.

What's been the hardest part about baby prep? Most exciting thing?

Just prepping! It's all so hard, there's so much you have to learn about your body and your baby and I think it is never ending, you're constantly making adjustments and learning more.

The most exciting is you're having a baby, you have this whole new adventure ahead of you!

What is your favorite thing you have bought for the baby so far?

This miniature pair of Nike Air Force Ones.

Is there a book that you love from your childhood that you are excited to share with your baby?

The Little Prince is my favorite book in the world, I discovered it more as an adult but it still captivates my imagination whenever I read it.

What is the one band or singer that you hope your kid loves as much as you do?

Duh, the Smiths or Morrissey. She hopefully has the same taste in music as me!