In Pilates the word "core" gets thrown around a thousand different ways. But as humans why is feeling connected, centered and balanced in this part of our body important? When your center is out of whack, weak or disconnected, it's like living in a house with a shaky foundation. 

Muscles by the amazing Ben Giles

Muscles by the amazing Ben Giles



the earth's core: CENTERinteriormiddlenucleusrecessesbowelsdepthsinformal innardsliterary midst.

the core of the argument: HEARTheart of the matternucleusnubkernelmarrow, meant, essence, quintessence, crux, gist, pith, substance, basis, fundamentals; informal nitty-gritty, brass tacks, nuts and bolts.


the core issue: CENTRALkeybasicfundamentalprincipalprimarymainchief, crucial, vital, essential; informal number-one. ANTONYMS peripheral.