Astrological Readings at The Swan with Sam Miller!

We are SO excited to announce that we will be hosting a day (or two) of astrological readings with our friend Sam Miller! The first round of readings will be held October 12 at the Swan! Each reading will last approximately 2 hours and the cost is $150 per reading. Pre-registration is necessary to give Same time to prepare your chart. Email us at to sign up! I recently had my charts read by Same and she is wonderful! This is not to be missed!

Sam Greenleaf Miller, LMSW, is an artist, witch and trained psychotherapist working as an astrological counselor in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of the Nightlight Astrology School and earned her MSW from Smith College's School for Clinical Social Work. Her 2 hour Natal Chart Readings explore clients' birth charts, offering them insight into both what hangs them up/where they self-sabotage, as well as showing them the way to cultivate their own personal freedom.

Things people are saying about Sam:

“Sam is a wise, intuitive, and skilled therapist. she offers valuable advice and guidance no matter what the issues are, and you’ll walk away with both insight and new questions to ask yourself. Highly recommended!” -Shira S.

"I had a terrific reading with Sam. She helped me understand my natal chart both astrologically and psychologically and gave real meaning to my life: past, present and future. Sam has a true gift for understanding the strength within all of us to grow through our readings. I highly recommend Sam and I look forward to my next reading— she is a joy!" - Michelle E.

*the image above is beautifully hand drawn by Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown