oh my god, shoes: the boot

Fall and winter are coming and you may be in the market for a new pair of boots. Here are a few options that you might want to try. Boots can be great because they provide a lot of stability for your ankles and mid foot. I would suggest not getting a boot that allows your foot to swim around inside. I always check to make sure the metatarsal break is sturdy (because I know it will break in more with time) and that I can fit an orthotic or gel insert inside as well as a thick pair of socks. There's nothing worse than dropping money on boots at the end of the summer that end up being to small when the cold weather rolls around! Below are my personal opinions and preferences based upon my foot type!

frye: I love Frye boots and I have found that the lace up ones give great support. They have SO many styles, making it easy to find one appropriate for your specific foot. The leather and the construction of these shoes is great. For those with foot injuries or pain, you may need to go a size up and either put in your orthotic (I like super feet for most anything as they are easy to find and come in varying degrees of stability) or a Spenco for extra cushion. pro: tons of styles! last forever, versatile con: not a lot of cushion, can be $$$

doc marten: This has been a standby of mine for years. They go in and out of style but are luckily in style right now. Once you break these babies in they are the most comfortable shoes! They have "bouncing soles" that are full of air that contour to your feet. The varying lace-up height gives you great support. pro: comfortable, versatile, good for standing all day con: big and bulky, takes time to break them in

blundstone: These are a great alternative stylistically to a Doc Marten if Docs are not your thing but you still want a sturdy, functional work boot. You can easily fit an orthotic inside. pro: comfortable, sturdy, lasts a long time con: not the best ankle/heel support, takes time to break in

acne (pistol): These have been the fashion day/night transition boot of the past few years. I love these shoes. I can't wear them sadly because they have a heel. Acne makes lovely shoes with great leather and they actually give good support. Try one of their flatter models if you want to be better to your feet. pro: beautiful and timeless con: $$$, its a heel so I shouldn't be reviewing it...

merrell: These hiking boots have been recommended to me while recovering from foot surgery. I haven't found a pair that had the stability through the metatarsal break that I need so I never purchased a pair. Some people swear by these shoes so they may be worth a try. pro: weather resistant and good for active people con: you may not like the style

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