The Year in Review -- Shorty Swan Explains our Series!

There is a never ending supply of things to talk about when it comes to our bodies and how to use and take care of them. In our efforts to share our knowledge and passion of the magically complicated thing that is the human body, and to help shape these discussions on the blog, we have begun to create a series of series, if you will! Focusing on specific areas of the body, fundamental concepts of Pilates, bones, muscles, and anything else we can think of, these series are created to give you a chance to expand your knowledge, one topic at a time! Our series include at home exercise tips and anatomy lessons from yours truly. We also love to shed light on the beauty of the body, with quotes and images inspired by our topics.

Although new series are introduced generally every month, there are always new things to explore within the topics. We will continue to add to our current series even as we create new ones! Take a look at past topics you might have missed and let us know what you are interested in learning about next!!



#yearinreview in which we introduce or re-introduce all of the wonderful content we have been adding to the blog this year. With so much to look through, and a better organization system forthcoming but not here yet, we hope this series sheds some light on everything the blog has to offer!



#breath in which we talk about the ever important and constant function of breathing. It is a  universal and anchoring act that is so important to develop in your practice. This series focuses on the physical act of breathing, how to notice your breath and its affect on the body and the mind, body, spirit connection of this life giving force!



#expand in which we focus on your "wings", how to open up your chest and strengthen the upper back. Understand the difference between flexion and extension and begin the process of learning about the gazillion interconnected parts of the shoulder girdle and upper back!

#corevalues in which we focus on that oh so important power house known as the core. With information on the core functions, all those ab muscles, the pelvis and more, this series covers a lot of ground and includes an amazing video to utilize in your at-home practice!








#monthofthefoot in which we talk about where it all begins. Stability, alignment and support all start here. This series focuses on the bones of the foot and ways to strengthen and articulate these constantly used and oft neglected body parts. It even includes information on the best shoes to wear for your foot needs!   


Keep your eyes peeled for more great info in 2015!!