The Year in Review -- #moveit

As Swans we love to see you in the studio! It is so inspiring to see our clients growing their practice week to week. As much as we wish that we could see each and every one of you three times a week, every week of the year, life just does not always allow for that kind of consistency. Giving you the tools in the studio to take home with you is just as important to us. This year we created one of our favorite sections of the blog to help encourage and shape your at home practice. #moveit posts usually come at the end of one of our monthly series. Incorporating the information presented in a series into a specific set of exercise allows you to embody what you have just read on your computer screen. These #moveit posts can be used to enhance your at home practice or give you some new ideas and reminders about what we do at The Swan. These series are great to practice while away on vacation (if you already do this, bravo!). From your feet to your core to your wings, we have an exercise for you. Can't find an exercise series for a certain body part you are interested in learning more about? Let us know! Take a look at this photo gallery and #moveit today!