The Year in Review -- #yums

Any blog post labeled with #yums is exactly what you think it is, a post that contains a swan-approved recipe sure to brighten up your cooking life. We have a passion for food that is both healthy and delicious, and we love to share our recipe finds with you. See a few of our favorites below and keep checking out the #yums section of the blog for all things yummy! 

Masala Vegetable Stew

This delicious, Swan tested recipe utilizes great fall veggies and was adapted from a stew found in the Nava Atlas Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons cookbook. We think it's a great way to nurture yourself with nutrition as we nestle into Fall. See the recipe here


Deviled Eggs 3 Ways from an anonymous southern expert

My life motto is "if there aren't deviled eggs, you really shouldn't call this a party." In that vein, here are three variations on a cook-out/get-together classic. Those recipes and more warm weather deliciousness here


Baked Lemon Tofu

There are two staples I count on to keep my lunch life exciting. They are soups and salads! Both can suit practically any palate, are infinitely customizable and are relatively easy to make. Soups contain a certain advantage of ease and of heartiness, but I have discovered a delectable way to prepare tofu that has significantly upped my salad-for-lunch game. See the recipe here!