The Year in Review -- Why Take Group Class?

We are so thrilled to be able to offer more mat classes, as well as group equipment classes, in our new space in BK! Many people who practice Pilates are most comfortable in a private session. We love one-on-one work with our clients, but there are some things to be said about expanding your practice through group class. With so many great new options, check out this old post on the merits of class and sign yourself up for one today

If you are having trouble applying what you have learned in the studio during your daily life, group class can help you develop independence and hone your strategies for application away from The Swan. Class is a good mid-point between privates and integrating new patterns into daily life.

Often times when you approach familiar Pilates exercises in a more self-directed way it clarifies questions you may have about execution, order, intent and specifics in your body. It can also help solidify, reinforce and trust what you know by providing room to follow your intuition and be your own teacher.  Class is a laboratory to explore, apply and learn new things about yourself.

We are social creatures by nature. Our interactions affect our emotional, physical and energetic body. Practicing with in a community in the studio can provide an opportunity to share your process with a larger group of people. In many ways Pilates is self care. Learn how to harness your ability for self care mindfully within a community.

Group class is an integral part of deepening your Pilates practice.