The Year in Review -- Other commonly used hashtags on the blog

As the year comes to a close, we have been looking to the past while simultaneously preparing for the future! It has been such an amazing year, we could not help but share it with our Swan community! We have been re-posting some of our favorite blogs from days of yore and recapping the series and blog categories created throughout the year. All of this in preparation to continuing adding stellar information that furthers our understanding and practice of Pilates and it's place in our lives (and other fun and wonderful things too!).

From #yums to #friends to #moveit to #shortyswan and beyond, we have introduced, or re-introduced, you to the plethora of fun facts, helpful hints, and more that you can find right here in our little corner of the internet. There are a few other hashtag categories that we want to make sure you are aware of before we dive into the adventure of a new year. We continue to add to all of our categories even as we create new ones!

#information and #articlesofinterest in which we post about articles we have found and share any other cool info we think you might enjoy, that does not necessarily have a place in one of the series we have already created! 

#balance in which we tackle the ever elusive idea of finding balance in our lives, specifically when it comes to the health of our bodies.

#adventuretime in which we share things we have done or want to do, that involve exploration and adventure, in places both near and far!

#danceeducationdose in which we discuss dance! With our backgrounds in this physical art form, and an undying passion and fascination with all things movement and the body, we can't help but talk about it from time to time!

#studionews in which we talk about upcoming classes, special opportunities, promotions, new staff and all the other things happening in our spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

#music in which we share another undying passion in the form of nostalgic #TBT posts and suggested playlists for your listening pleasure. We also throw some pretty fun music videos in there, because who doesn't love those?!

#readingrecommendations in which we introduce books that we love to further or plan of turning everyone we know into unabashed bibliophiles. But really, just to give you some options when it comes to looking for a new book or the gift of a new book (and because we love to talk about things that we love!).

#SwanQ&A in which we interview people about fascinating things, including pre-natal Pilates, hot sauce and what it means to be an instructor!

#wearetheswan in which we introduce you all to each other through a short series of questions! (want to be a part of this series? Email us and we will send you some questions to answer!!)


We can't wait to see you in the New Year!!