Happy Birthday Joseph Pilates!

Joe Pilates was born on December 9, 1883. In celebration, we give this Birthday special to you! For the week of Joe's birthday, December 7 to the 14, we are offering a special to our Manhattan and Brooklyn clients. 

The Uncle Joe Bday 10pack for $830- that's $83 per session in honor of Joe being born in 1883! Purchase online or in the studio. Expires in 6 months. Normal taxes and fees apply. Limit 2 per customer. 

10 things to know about Uncle Joe

- Joseph Pilates was born in Mönchengladbach, a German town whose name has been changed at least 4 times since it beginnings in 974. 


- Mr. Pilates was not always the barrel-chest strongman we have come to know and love. He was a sickly child who suffered from asthma and rheumatic fever.


- When he moved to England in 1912, Uncle Joe earned a living with many an odd job, including being a circus performer!

- Joe returned to Germany after WWI. He even trained the police force there for a few years, deciding to emigrate to America in 1925 when he was pressured to train the German Army.


- Joseph's new life began before he even arrived in America. He met his future wife Clara on the ship bringing him to the United States.


- With a prize-winning gymnast for a father and a naturopath for a mother, it is no wonder the Pilates method combines mind, body and spirit.


- Never one to be ashamed of his body, especially after spending years becoming strong and healthy, Joseph posed for anatomical charts as a teen.

- Dance and Pilates have always been close friends. Some of Joseph's earliest devotees included Martha Graham and George Balanchine. 


- Where ballerinas go, society women will follow. Or at least in 1930's New York they did. "Contrology" really took off after it became known that dancers were flocking to the Pilates gym.


- A renaissance man of sorts, Uncle Joe had over 26 cited patents for his inventions, many of which are stilled used in the teaching of Pilates today!