we are the swan - Shaina

Name: Shaina

Profession: Non-Profit Programs Associate

What is your favorite Pilates cue?

I appreciate any cue that reminds me to take a moment and really put my focus on the part of my body that I should be using. Basically, when Julia reminds me I should be using my body and my head, I like it!

What are you reading right now?

I am re-reading Black Swan Green by David Mitchell and first time reading the last of an old series that I love, The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper. The last book is called Silver On the Tree and somehow I just never got to the end even though I have read the first two books four or five times! 

Go out or stay in?

Stay in!

How does Pilates affect your life outside the studio?

Pilates makes me feel more comfortable and grounded in my body. It also encourages me to think about my body in a mindful and intelligent way in a way.  It makes me feel connected and centered and has had a tremendous affect on my shoulder girdle and upper back tension/pain. More than anything, Pilates affects sneak up on me in everyday life, like when I adjust how I am holding on to the railing on a crowded subway, or when I position myself for sleep.  

Do you have a secret hobby or interest (other than Pilates obvi)?

I would calling reading my not so secret interest. My two lesser know hobbies include collage/card making and plant tending.