we are the swan - Jeni

Name: Jeni

Profession: personal training strength coach/ yoga and Pilates mat instructor

How/why did you start Pilates?

I started Pilates one on ones with Julia a few years ago to help relieve some hip pain and strengthen my weak abdominals. She opened the door into Pilates in a fun and yet intense way and taught me things that I continue to use daily. I love The Swan and have now gone through Pilates Mat Training through their recommendation.

What is your favorite muscle and why?

The Gluteal Muscles, because of their great capacity for strength, stability and power (can look really nice too!).

What is one of your favorite recipes?

I'm torn between Baked Sweet Potatoes with Coconut Oil or my grain and sugar free Banana Nut Muffins that I've adapted over the past few years.

Most loved/Most loathed Pilates exercises?

I have a love/hate relationship with Pilates, so the exercises that are most difficult move from most loathed into most loved. Swan used to be one of those poses. I even screamed, "I Hate You" to Julia while performing Swan one time.