The Swan Brooklyn - 310 Atlantic Avenue

The Swan Brooklyn is OPEN! We can't wait to see you there! Here's a quick and dirty run down of a handful of the awesome things happening there. Stay tuned to the blog and to our soon-to-be-updated site for all things Swan -- Brooklyn and Manhattan!

Mat Class times

Our class times will only grow! Here's the starter list of mat classes:

Mondays 7am Open Level Mat with Props w Emma

Wednesdays 10am Healthy Backs w Eleanor

Thursdays 7pm Open Level Mat with Props w Kathryn

Fridays 1215pm Lunch Hour Functional Strength w Travis

Saturdays 11am Open Level Mat w Props w Kathryn

We will be offering group equipment classes too! You can find the most current listing on our MBO site. Email us at to inquire or sign up!

Who's who on The Swan Brooklyn staff

Julia Edwards - from VA/NC, loves the theraband and push through bar. Current Pilates focus: Finding efficient effort for space, function and strength while maintaining good humor.

Emma Fitzsimmons - from St. Paul, loves always and forever the foam roller. Current Pilates focus: Helping clients find awareness of their back body and hamstring connection.

Eleanor Hullihan - from NC, loves the spine corrector. Current Pilates focus: Finding support by creating length and space in the joints. 

Kathryn Meany - from BK (5 generations strong), loves the reformer but the foam roller for mat. Current Pilates focus: Keeping things feeling fresh and accessible to students while maintaining the high quality technique that's always been the cornerstone of my style.

Becca Serra - from PA, loves the foam roller. Current Pilates focus: Using core stability, glute and hamstring strength to protect the low back.

Travis Sisk - from VA and WVA, loves the reformer for his own workouts and cadillac for his clients. Current Pilates focus: Let's get moving!

Alexis Zaccarello - from Dallas, finds this question cruel but loves the Pilates band. Current Pilates focus: Finding ease, efficiency and awareness. Really moving while noticing and staying true to our structures.

We help you build awareness between your mind, breath and body allowing you to increase your functional range of motion and build strength. Spending time at The Swan will change the way you LIVE in your body. 

How to schedule

It's super easy! Email us at Want to browse the schedule? Check out our MBO online scheduler to sign up for class or request a private session.

Any questions? Please contact us. We are here to help!

The Swan Brooklyn Special Offerings!

Get Long stretch workshop with Kathryn in December. Get Long is a luxurious and detailed 90 minute workshop on stretching from head to toe! Stay tuned for details!

Mat Appointments with Becca. Need some one-on-one attention to get you started before you head to group mat class? Becca can help. Mat Appointments are privates on the mat! They are a great stand alone and supplement to your practice. Email us at to snag a mat appointment!