Musical TBT: Ocean Breathes Salty

Rainy New York days stir up a longing in me to get to the ocean. As I stand in the more-uncomfortable-than-normal train crush on my way to work, I envision myself sitting on a much less crowded subway, on my way to Coney Island. If you have never been to Coney Island on a cold, grey day, I highly recommend it. There is something calm (with a touch of nostalgic melancholy) about the empty beach and silent rides. I most certainly have a play list in my head to accompany this day-dream adventure, and it most certainly contains the song below. The music video has the added bonus of being just the right kind of off kilter, and it is full of sun! Since I cannot drop all responsibilities and take myself to the ocean, staring at fields of sunflowers might be the next best thing!

Curious about the rest of that playlist? I thought you might be!

Coney Island - Death Cab for Cutie

Dinner Bells - Wolf Parade

Skinny Love -Bon Iver

Wild is the Wind - Nina Simone

1901 - Phoenix performed by Birdy

Like Everyone Show Knows - James Taylor

Brandi (You're A Fine Girl) - Looking Glass

XO -Beyonce

Time and Time Again - Counting Crows

Troubled Waters - Cat Power

Black Water Falls - The War on Drugs

And It Stoned Me - Van Morrison