Aqua Spinning

Swans love water. Many of us have recently become smitten with AQUA, a new aquacycling studio in TriBeCa.

Reasons we love AQUA?

It provides an impact free interval workout. Heart rate up. Joints supported. All your resistance comes from the water. 

All of their instructors have multidisciplinary approaches to movement and fitness. They are curious, thoughtful and creative. They call attention to your breath and alignment throughout class. The administrative staff is responsive, caring and make you feel at home- even during your first visit when you might have no idea what spinning in a pool means.  You are taken care of well. 

It feels good. Today it is sweltering. Soon it will be Autumn and we will long to hold on to Summer. Being in a pool with a good soundtrack gives you relief from the stresses of seasons in the city while reaping the physical and psychological benefits of cardio sprints. Getting hot during class? Give yourself a splash.