Kay Ottinger

contact: kottinger@gm.slc.edu

location: New York and Brooklyn

Kay Ottinger has been living in New York since 2010, after graduating from Sarah Lawrence College. As a dancer Kay has been exposed to diverse movement practices that still live and breath in her investigations as a mover and a teacher. She is also the founder of Articulate Processes, a learning collective that creates space to develop ideas around movement and healing. 

Seeking to deepen her studies, Kay found Pilates. It best incorporated her desire to study biomechanics and proved to be a window to limitless explorations of movement possibilities.


She started to work as a student at the Swan, beginning her studies under the brilliant Eleanor Hullihan and Julia Edwards before continuing on to her Pilates certification at the Kane School. Kay has found that Pilates empowers the mover. Each person can access a prethera of movement knowledge. As a teacher it is her passion to explore with and guide clients through a session that supports their needs, desires, and interests. 


We will build strength through the release of unnecessary muscle tension, the use of breath, imagery, and re aligning the bones so the necessary muscles can do their job. The study of movement is no easy task and a fascinating life long journey. Kay is dedicated to creating a space for investigation, challenge, and discovery.


You can find Kay teaching at Thrive Physical Therapy and Brooklyn Studios for Dance. Feel free to contact her for information on privates or group classes