Emma Fitzsimmons

contact: emmaloweryfitz@gmail.com

location: multiple locations in New York City

Emma hails from Saint Paul, Minnesota and holds a B.A. in Dance from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Pilates was an integral part of her dance training provided by Amy Beversdorf and Joan Karlen and is a keystone for her understanding of movement and efficiency in the body. It provides a technical vessel through which she artistically expresses herself as a movement artist. Emma trained through Balanced Body Pilates and additionally has completed her 200-hour teaching certification through Corepower Yoga. As a hyper mobile mover, Pilates has helped Emma gain control, strength, and knowledge of the functional body. She continues to be impassioned by the endless somatic discoveries she makes through Pilates and is constantly sharing new information with her clients. As a teacher, Emma leads her clients to find a deep awareness of the body and organization of the core, and guides clients to new possibilities through larger movement exercises.