Eleanor Hullihan

contact: eleanorhullihan@gmail.com

location: 900 Broadway, suite 403, New York, NY

Eleanor is a professional dancer and Pilates instructor who believes in the strength, ease and well being available in the patient study of movement, breath and alignment. Eleanor received a BFA with honors from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and graduated from University of North Carolina School of the Arts high school with a concentration in Contemporary Dance. She began her Pilates studies privately and on the mat with brilliant Pilates elder Kathy Grant while studying at NYU, where she also studied Idiokenesis with Andre Bernard. She continued her study with (also brilliant) Kelly Kane and was certified at the Kane School of Core Integration where she was later on the teacher training staff leading workshops in choreography, touch and comprehensive mat training. She has completed numerous continuing education courses including such topics as scoliosis, osteoporosis, functional anatomy (FAMI), pranayama, the psoas and the rib cage/shoulder girdle.  Eleanor has worked with individuals with conditions such as disc herniations, frozen shoulder, osteoporosis, CMT, pelvic floor issues, hyper mobility, arthritis, joint replacements, nerve impingement, bursitis, fibroids, spinal fusion, breast cancer, women in all stages of pregnancy, various injuries and healthy people who study Pilates for fitness. As a dancer Eleanor has performed extensively with John Jasperse as well as with artists such as Beth Gill, Miguel Gutierrez, Jennifer Monson, Sarah Michelson and Katy Pyle. An interest in yoga brought her to study with Christina Clark and Jo Miller. She continues to study Pilates and Gyrotonics privately with Clarice Marshall.

In the Pilates studio, no one's body is "wrong" or "bad". We work on creating strength and deeper awareness while calming the chattering connection the mind has over the body.  Sessions seek to balance the forces through the body by stretching, realigning, strengthening and breathing. Through a patient and sometimes very challenging approach, Eleanor seeks to help her clients find change, relief and support for the changing landscapes of their lives with the not so simple study of movement.