Alexis Zaccarello


location: multiple locations in Brooklyn and New York City

Alexis Zaccarello is a Pilates Instructor and Movement Educator who believes movement of the body and mind to be a critical component of healthy living.  

Alexis focuses on finding efficiency, ease, and organization within the body for optimal performance while realizing individual structure.  She has a deep appreciation for contemporary Pilates’ ability to look at movement and its relationship to the body within a holistic scope.

Alexis first encountered Pilates at the age of 14 as injury prevention for rigorous dance training and used it throughout her time at Interlochen Arts Academy, where she finished high school studying dance.  She then profoundly felt the benefits of Pilates as it became a critical component of rehabilitation from a double leg surgery while at The Boston Conservatory.

Experiencing first hand how much contemporary Pilates has to offer for strength, mobility, and proprioception she pursued teaching as a way of sharing in 2004.  Alexis holds a comprehensive Level 2 certification from STOTT Pilates with a focus on Injury and Special Populations and has taught in Dallas, Western Massachusetts, NYC + Brooklyn. She has tutored many students preparing for their comprehensive STOTT Pilates examinations.   

Alexis continues to study Pilates, anatomy, and mechanics as well as other complementary somatic and energetic techniques which keep her toolbox large and information growing.  Bodies are complex!  Alexis has completed numerous continuing education courses such as sacral motion, spinal extension and back health, the diaphragm psoas connection, athletic conditioning, and SourcePoint Therapy.  Alexis studies privately with Clarice Marshall and Maria Holm.

Alexis knows the work surrounding the Pilates methodology of movement to have powerful offerings for a vast array of physical states as evidenced by her experience teaching in elite gyms, chiropractic offices, executive offices, pre-professional ballet studios as well as boutique Pilates studios.  There is something in this work for everyone. 

Alexis has worked with a wide range of bodies over 11 years including people with knee reconstruction, frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, pre and postpartum women, miscarriage and D&C, diastases, MS, low back pain, plantar fasciitis, migraines, herniated discs, bunions with and without surgery, shin splints, severe constipation/IBS, injury rehabilitation and prevention for dancers, cross-training and support for weightlifting + gyming, and movement in support of women's health.

 Alexis is also a contemporary choreographer and dancer; both practices influence the ways in which she sees, addresses, and approaches the body and its movement.

Alongside a lifetime of studies in movement, Alexis studied Anthropology at Mount Holyoke College. 

Alexis owns Crown Heights Pilates in Brooklyn, a private boutique studio.

Alexis looks forward to getting to know you, your body, and its ways.